The age the first group will be playing in is 1509

Lexicon: Planet Chandar

Planet: Covered by sand. The size of the planet is around that of the human planet Jupiter. Initially, the planet should have been covered with large masses of water, but has later become completely covered in sand. It is not known how it came to be completely covered in sand sand. Sandstorms are common to a lesser extent. However, there are some large sand storms moving across the planet as if it were actual living things. Upon closer examination of the planet from the core could it be that there was water in the so-called water pockets (gaseous) 

Atmosphere: Mainly consists atmosphere of methane, Chlorine, Oxygen & Nitrogen - Ie No human opportunity to inhabit this planet. The average temperature on the planet is said to be about 150-200 degrees.

Chandar is located in a remote solar system known to be uninhabited mostly due to the large number of planets near their main star. Chandar is the fifth planet from the sun Orgo. The sun is seven times as large as the world famous sun. This planet is unknown because no moons but a so-called solmåne going to cycle around the planet in exactly appropriate walkway so that the planet is almost the same temperature and has the same intensity of light throughout the day. In essence this means that the main sun is 36 hours, while a moon with the same force as the sun is shining 36 hours just opposite the sun. A day is 72 hours where the sunrise and sunset begin at the same time. The age of the planet is unknown. 

Out of the sand there has long been rumors concerning movement out there. Odd behaviour from the chandanarians tells of the same. But it is hard to see further than to the city limit. Rumors has it that some of the cities have sens explorers that never have returned. 

The planet: Drake / Chandar