The 5th ring is in the city count the largest of all the rings. Only the Outer rim is farther from the center.

These are the cities for which the story is known


Placed on the warmest part of the dessert spanning from Luunc till Sepulcher, Milaya is often experiencing temperatures of several hundred degrees (Celsius). As a result a transparent dome was built when the city was founded and it keeps the city cool. The residents rarely leave the city and instead mine what they can directly under the city. This has resulted in the city having transformed over the years to being parabolic shaped with the lowest (and coolest) places close to the center.

The Fall of the domeEdit

Commonly referred to as the fall of the dome in 1499 a.s.c is a seriea of events leading up to a collapse in the lower southern part of the dome spanning a few kilometers. At the same time a sandstorm of higher than usual temperature swept pass the city, resulting in a rapid temperature rise in the city. The resulting casualties and migration more than halved the cities population. The damages to the dome was irreparable by any other means than a great concrete wall, where the dome was shattered.