The fourth ring consists of 36 cities. The stories of the following are know:


Sex: Male

Oasis like city with a few mountains that creates a cover for the most severe sandstorms. Rich due to mining operations in the mountains but has very little need for the metals and minerals them self. There are trade routes to the 5th ring cities Milaya, Ifree and Hull and to the 3rd ring cities Eve and Luunc.


Not yet known


The desserts around Oorth show very little signs of chandarians and few people of Oorth care much for there existence.

Immigration policiesEdit

In the year 1497 a.s.c it was ruled that a hundred immigrants was allowed to gain permanent residency in the city when there was a large amount of immigrants arriving from Milaya. When another surge of immigrants arrived from Milaya in the years 1499 to 1501 a.s.c a temporary dome was established to make sure all immigrants was taught in the ways of Oorth. The council saw no reason to change it's policy even as Luunc, Eve and Milaya self pressured for temporary residency of the immigrants.

Mars Edit

A city with barren landscapes in the midst of houses. Noxious fumes are isolated and hot water baths are placed to contain the heat that is produced from the warm rocks.