The world of Chandar is based around a highly theocratic ruling, where in religious figures also functions as political figures, both juggling governmental and religous state of affairs.

In theory all cities are ruled by their Demi-godwhich got the final saying in all aspects concerning their city.. However, these Demi-gods do not care much for the affairs of men, so they have an appointed The True Voice as the practical ruler of the city and . The True Voice is both the Mayor and the Pope of the city.

The Demi-gods will speak through The True Voice, issuing commands if he wishes. This is often referred to as The Call.

As all kings of cities, The True Voice is advised by his high council called The Mind of God. This council consists of The True Voice himself, representatives of each of the 20 Colonizer Gods and his 7 most trusted advisors, which he himself appoints. The Mind of God will deal with all important affairs of state, issuing laws, edicts and be judges in the most important court affairs.